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How To: Create a Resume From a CV

As we've mentioned before, resumes are not a 'thing' here in New Zealand. Most of us Kiwi's are much more familiar with the term 'curriculum vitae' or CV. The most significant difference between a resume and a CV is that a resume is a one-page summary detailing just the basics (your education, career timeline, and skills snapshot). In contrast, a CV is a 2-3 page evidence-based document that goes a little more in-depth to give an overview of the duties you have experience with and highlights your expertise through your achievements. A CV has both more content and context. 

"Think of a resume like a menu and a CV like a recipe!"

- Creative Fix NZ  

So if CVs are the preferred method to use when applying for a job in New Zealand, why would you want/need to create a resume? There are a few reasons we have encountered with our clients. These include:

  1. Moving somewhere overseas where employers require a one-page resume/summary CV

  2. For themselves to keep on file/in their bag when job hunting, or attending casual lunch/coffee dates with potential employers, so they can hand it out to give people a quick overview of their skills and experience

  3. For people making a drastic career change without a lot of transferable skills (i.e., An IT coder seeking work as a landscape gardener) 

If you already have a great CV, but you find yourself in a position where you need to reduce all your info down to just one page, here's how to do it! You must be brave and a little ruthless. (Oh, and don't forget to 'save as' before you get stuck in! We don't want you to lose all the valuable info in your CV!)

SNIP, SNIP, CUT, CUT! Section by section, this is all that should be on your resume! (You'll notice some things from your CV will need to be completely CUT OUT!) 

CONTACT INFO - Remains the same!

INTRODUCTION/SUMMARY - Remains the same! (1-2 paragraphs at max).

CAREER TIMELINE - Remains the same and should make up the bulk of the info on your one-page resume. 

CORE SKILLS/EXPERTISE - This will need to be reduced to JUST your umbrella headings. You shouldn't have any paragraphs or bullet points detailing your skills in action. Just the skills on their own. (i.e., Relationship Management, Team Leadership...)

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - All of this is gone! Delete everything. The only record of your employment will now be your career timeline table. No role detail at all other than the dates (years to and from), the name of the place you worked, and your job title. That's it!

EDUCATION + TRAINING - Depending on your space, you may be able to leave this section; otherwise, you'll need to cull and keep things brief. If you have done vast amounts of training courses etc. Simply give a few bullets to summarise these courses, with no additional detail about what the course covered (i.e., 2015-2017 Massey University, Bachelor of Communications).

AWARDS + HONOURS - Again, depending on your space, you may be able to leave this section as it is. All you should have are the to-from years, the name of the award, and the place who awarded it to you. 

EXTRACURRICULAR + VOLUNTARY - If you're short on space, only include the extracurricular and voluntary work with which you are currently involved. If you have prior experience that is highly relevant to the role you're applying for, feel free to include this, too, if you can fit it. 

REFEREES - Always: 'Referee contact details are available on request.'

We hope you find our rough guide to creating a resume from your CV useful, should you ever find yourself needing to cut your three pages down to just one! If you have a more complex/unique situation and you're finding it difficult to cull information, please reach out for assistance. We would be happy to be the impartial set of eyes you need to help get things reduced down and neatly packaged onto one page.