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Evidence-based CVs - The Gold Standard

"Just over here looking for evidence..."

Haven't you heard​?​ ​E​vidence-based CV's are the new black​. ​​We're here to tell you what they are​, ​why ​we're on board (why we've always been on board), and why ​you need to ensure your CV is evidence-based.

'Evidence-based' is a term used frequently across scientific, medical, education, and other spectrums. It denotes an approach that emphasises the practical application of the findings of the best available current research.

You might have heard​ it bandied about​. In fact, we’re sure you have. From cosmetic companies claiming their skincare is evidence-based to protein shakes and supplements sold on Instagram who cite studies and proclaim, you guessed it, ​'​evidence-based!​'​ So what’s the deal? How on earth can a CV be evidence-based? Read on to find out what we mean and why we think it’s the best approach when it comes to selling yourself on paper.

Employers, HR managers, and recruiters see hundreds, even thousands of CVs each year from hopeful applicants seeking work. After a while, all CVs start to look and sound the same...

- ​"​Great attention to detail​"​

- ​"​Works well in a team​"​

Need we ​go on?

It’s tedious. ​The old adage '​talk is cheap​'​​ springs to mind​. We beg of you - please don't simply list for list's sake. Random adjectives ​that 'sound good' ​and aimless bullet points are not doing your CV any favours.

(Also, let's come up with a more compelling way to say ‘attention to detail’​.​ We’re borderline ready to start a petition to get that phrase permanently erased from the ​CV ​vernacular!)

The solution? ​Well, if you have a greater than average attention to detail, prove it! Explain why. Give some evidence to highlight when, where, and how your great attention to detail has helped build a high performing team, grow company profits, or drive positive change in some way. You need to back up your statements ​and the adjectives you're using to describe your expertise and your personality ​with evidence.

This is where we can help. Aside from asking you the right questions (designed to pull valuable information about your experience, expertise, and achievements), we can help by formulating your answers into impactful, succinct points that land with employers. You can’t argue with facts, right?

We will work with you to capture that all-important evidence you need - we’re talking ​proof, context, facts. Hard data, people!​

  • Percentages/​dollars/​time

  • Meeting/exceeding targets (such as sales figures or ​individual ​KPIs)

  • Awards won/nominated for

  • Special projects or duties you were chosen to lead/participate in that were over and above your core role requirements

  • Acting roles (i.e. 'Acting Team Leader')

  • Promotions

  • Staff retention and or staff survey feedback/results

Anything ​in the form of solid evidence ​that proves definitively that you can do what your bullet points are claiming​;​let’s ​(curate it carefully and eloquently, then) ​slam it in there!

NOTE: ​If you're thinking of working with a CV company and they don't mention anything to you about creating an evidence-based CV, we would be slightly concerned that you're not going to be getting a gold standard document that works harder for you at application time. ​

​Re​flecting on your own CV and feeling a little stuck with where to start​ when it comes to adding facts/data (and, well... evidence​)? ​P​lease reach out to us​!​

We are PUMPED about ridding the world of bad CVs​ one by glorious one​, so we are ​very keen to see what you’re working with​!​ ​No judgement​; l​et’s get your CV looked at, get back to you with a free quote and our thoughts, and then let's fix it and never speak of your current CV edition ever again!