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All Hail The Mighty Cover Letter!

Think cover letters are redundant? No, no, no! Think again. We are here to tell you why these glorious one-pagers can make or break your chances at securing a role, and how you can elevate and use the humble, underrated cover letter as your secret job application weapon. Interested? Read on!

We've all filled out those awful, time-consuming online applications where you end up copying and pasting huge chunks of your CV into the spaces provided #eyeroll. It is no wonder then that when you finally reach the point where you need to attach your CV and cover letter, that you quickly add your CV and think 'Sheesh! I've spent two hours on this; surely they don't REALLY need me to write a cover letter too?!', before hitting 'Apply', sans cover letter. 

Eek! We are guessing you didn't get the role? The lack of a well-written cover letter could well have been your undoing...

We once heard someone describe a cover letter as "the page you use to introduce your CV..." What?! No! We are not at all sure where this idea came from, but we can tell you it is all kinds of wrong!

We explain cover letters to our clients as their place to hammer home their suitability for the role at hand. It's where you should insert specific examples of your skills and experience that serve to highlight why you are the right candidate. You can't always get this level of detail into a CV (your CV is more for a general overview) but in your cover letter? Go for it!

By keeping laser-focused on your skills as they relate to the role, you will wind up constructing a well thought out, perfectly tailored, powerful one-page cover letter that methodically outlines why you are the best fit for the position. There should be no waffle and no filler lines about irrelevant things. One-size-fits-all cover letters are not a 'thing' (please ignore anyone who gives you this terrible advice!) You can, however, have a general cover letter on hand that summarises your skills and experience, but this will absolutely need to be edited for every. single. role

A well-written cover letter is like magic self-promotion gold dust! Not only will it capture the attention of the employer, but if you sell yourself well enough in print, you might find you attract some savvy recruiters. Why? Because your cover letter is a polished sales tool! You've done part of their job for them because all they need to do is copy and paste your fabulous cover letter as part of their candidate 'sales' document, and voila! They can instantly showcase you to their clients! 

When you understand just how valuable cover letters are, it seems ludicrous not to include one as part of your application, doesn't it?

We have put together a cover letter writing and editing guide which you get free with all our cover letter services (alternatively, you can purchase it separately if you're a DIY extraordinaire!) In the guide, we show you how to construct and edit a cover letter, paragraph by paragraph; even providing some examples to get those writing juices flowing for you!

If you would like the guide, or you know that writing is simply 'not your jam', then please get in touch. We would be happy to help you get a great cover letter together to ensure you're putting your best foot forward for your next job application.