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3 Things To Ask For That Will Help You Find A New Job 

We all know the adage: 'When you don't ask; you don't get'. This sentiment applies to almost everything, so it's not surprising that it rings true when it comes to the job-hunting process too. What might one be asking for exactly? Well, we're here to give you three of them! Best of all? All three things are FREE and can make a real impact when it comes to upping your game as a candidate.


If you're using LinkedIn to its full potential, you'll already know that recommendations and endorsements from past managers/clients/co-workers and the like, can go a long way in bolstering your application. In our humble opinion, there is no such thing as too many of these on your LinkedIn profile! 

Why are they so valuable? 

In a nutshell; because it helps to build your credibility. You're not simply writing a bunch of words on your profile that sound great - you actually have people, nay, past/current managers backing you up and vouching for your skills and experience. Honestly, each recommendation and skill endorsement on your LinkedIn profile is pure gold, so what are you waiting for? Be brave and ask your current/past managers to give you a rec and some skill endorsements. You can even offer to give them back in return. (LinkedIn lets you approve all recommendations before you publish them live to your page, so you can ensure no one goes rogue on you and writes something un-true/with mistakes, etc.)

Note: If you don't have a LinkedIn page or you're not sure what on earth we're talking about; we'd be happy to help! Get in touch with your questions or to ask for a free quote to have your LinkedIn page created/updated.


Whether you've missed out on a role after applying through a recruitment agency or directly with a company, we urge you to ask for honest feedback about your failed application. Depending on where things fell short for them (i.e. you didn't get an interview, so the issue was with something in your CV or cover letter, or you did get an interview and were cut afterwards), the valuable insight you can gain from an honest response can drastically improve your chances when you apply again in the future. 

Don't be shy! Ask, ask, ask! How? A simple email or phone call along the lines of:

Thank you for letting me know the outcome of my application. If I could take a moment of your time to ask for some feedback about why my application hasn't been a success in this instance, I would greatly appreciate it. 

I'm hopeful that your honest feedback/any suggestions you may like to offer will help me gain valuable insight and improve my chances of being successful with the next application. 


While your family, friends, and co-workers might like to offer up well-meaning CV advice, the only people you should be taking advice from when it comes to your CV are the CV experts. Our team have worked extensively in HR and recruitment (not to mention we have been cranking out winning CVs for more than six years now!)

Thankfully we offer free CV appraisals, so please feel free to take advantage of this service if you've been applying and applying with your current CV (and/or cover letter) and you're simply going nowhere slow. 

Job applications take a lot of time and effort, so you want to ensure all your hard work filling out forms, curating the perfect cover letter, and practising answers to potential interview questions isn't in vain. We hope these three (free!) 'what to ask for' tips will help you get those applications landing more successfully. 

What are you waiting for? Ask, and you shall receive!