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3 Reasons You NEED An Up-to-date LinkedIn Profile!

Love 'em or hate 'em, LinkedIn profiles are here to stay; and for good reason! They can be incredibly powerful when used correctly. Not only can you set your profile up to be seeking a job while you sleep, but this clever networking platform also opens doors when it comes to staying in the loop with business/news affecting your industry and making new professional connections that can lead to a host of fantastic career opportunities.

While there are probably 236+ reasons one needs an up-to-date LinkedIn page, in this blog, we are focusing on the three we feel are the most compelling.

1. Err... They're going to look you up.

Eeek! You don't want your new employer to see your sloppy, out-dated online profile. "Well, I'll just have no profile at all then!" you might be thinking to yourself. While that could be a valid option if you're short on time and can't get your profile updated before people will see it, wouldn't you rather a potential employee looked you up and saw a whole lot of great information, rather than a whole lot of nothing? It doesn't make sense to miss out on the opportunity to further market yourself to employers who WILL be looking you up.

Note: Recruiters are notorious for doing a little digging to find out more about who you are. Why? Because if they choose to present your profile to one of their clients, they don't want any nasty surprises popping up and biting them on the butt. They will be Googling your name to ensure nothing their clients can find about you online will come back and reflect badly on them, damage their hard-fought professional relationships, or cause them to miss out on those all-important commissions. $$$ Cha-ching! $$$

2. More, more, more (credibility)!

A LinkedIn page can hold more weight than a CV when it comes to credibility as you can make use of the endorsements and recommendations feature on LinkedIn. By having your peers/managers/clients vouch for your skills and add their testimonies about your personal and professional strengths, potential employers get the unique bonus of added insight into who you are and how you might fit into their organisation.

But wait, there's more! Another huge plus of LinkedIn as a professional networking tool is that recruiters and employers will be interested to see who is in your network. They can see the mutual connections you have in common, which can help you get your foot in the proverbial door if you happen to be moving in the same circles or have what an employer/recruiter sees as a very valuable network.

3. It's a FREE way to boost your professional profile

As long as an employer has your name, they can look you up online before you even send them your CV. With that being said, why not give yourself a head-start over your competition? This clever 'professional' social platform effectively gives you a license to do a whole lot of FREE self-promotion! In addition to not costing a cent (there is a paid version, which allows you to do slightly more) a LinkedIn page easy to set up, and it allows you to include a lot more information than you can in a CV. Yes! Not only can you enter in all your career experience, achievements, and skills, but you can go into detail in a host of other areas.

From listing all your professional affiliations and memberships, and going into detail about your voluntary and community work, through to sharing your expertise by publishing posts or linking to your published works and articles; there is almost no limit to what you can include! (For those of you that are rocking CVs more than three pages long, this fact might be music to your ears - In saying that, we don't advise anyone has a CV longer than three pages, so you're welcome to reach out if you think your CV could do with some expert condensing).

Depending on your area of expertise, you may even want to add images, videos, and clickable links to an online portfolio or website. (You can't do THAT in a CV!)

We hope that these three points have convinced you to polish your LinkedIn profile a little. If you know your LinkedIn profile is looking sadder than limp lettuce but you simply cannot find the time or inclination to whip it into shape, please feel free get in touch. Once we have the info we need from you our LinkedIn profile overhaul service generally only takes us a few hours to complete!