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3 of the Scariest Job Application Mistakes You Can Make...

Why is it that the whole world seems to revolve around the Northern hemisphere's holidays and traditions? Xmas with snow and carols about reindeer etc., Halloween with pumpkins and 'fall'. Sheesh, it's high time we Southern hemisphere folks start our own exciting, season-appropriate songs and celebrations! Who's with us? No one? *crickets chirp in the distance*

Oh, they're all trick-or-treating. Of course they are... Oh well! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em as they say. So then, in the spirit of all that is dark, ominous, and spooky, this Halloween we'll play along. Putting our pumpkin-freaking-spice thinking caps on, we've come up with three of the scariest job application mistakes one can make! We're guessing you have Halloween candy to munch on, so we'll make this quick!

1. BOO-BOO ONE (See what we did there)

The first monumental mistake that can count you right out of the running for your dream job before an employer or recruiter even sees your CV is not triple checking the information in your cover letter. What exactly are we talking about? Well, while spelling and grammar are essential to have correct in both your CV and cover letter, we're referring to other details such as including the exact company name, address, contact person, date, job ID number (and/or role title). It is also essential that you pay close attention to the body content to ensure what you have written demonstrates your skills and experience in relation to the 'what we're looking for' bullets in the job ad/description. 

We understand that it can be frustrating to need to tweak cover letter after cover letter when you're sending out multiple job applications for similar jobs, but (unless you want to pay us to do it) it is vital that you take time to carefully personalise each cover letter and triple-check the finer details before attaching it and sending it out.  

If you were an employer working for 'XYZ bank', and you opened a job candidate's cover letter addressed to 'wrong name' at 'XYZ insurance company', how would you feel? Yah... Not a good way to make a positive first impression, and unfortunately, sloppy mistakes like this can mean you won't get a chance to make a second impression. 


While the first scary application mistake, is indeed usually a mistake, this second application misadventure is of the dishonest variety... *gulp* While it may be tempting to embellish your experience and credentials, stretching the truth to help you get your foot in the door can mean you quickly cross what is a very fine line between fact and fiction. As you probably already know, the truth has an uncanny way of coming out eventually, so if you've lied about your experience, education or achievements, at best, you might be left rather red-faced, and at worst, you could wind up being dismissed from your job or even facing criminal charges. 

If you're unsure about something in this sphere (for example: how to write about a university degree you started but didn't quite finish), please reach out and talk to us! We're happy to help ensure things stay honest while also selling your expertise in the best possible light. 


But wait, there's more dishonesty! This one is so scary it's worthy of its own category as it involves asking/forcing/coercing others to lie for you. While your mum/brother/best friend might be more than willing to say whatever needs to be said to help you secure a role, it is a very unscrupulous way of achieving your goal, so we absolutely do not think you should do this under any circumstances. (Not to mention the provision of false information is legal grounds for dismissal, so it is not something you want to mess around with). 

We are here to help ensure you never wind up in a position where you either accidentally or deliberately commit any of these job application crimes, so please reach out if you're unsure about anything. We are happy to cast our eyes over your application and provide some sage advice before you hit the 'send' button!