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3 Reasons Your CV Needs a Stunning Design and Layout

I know what you’re thinking; we’re biased. We are not going even try and deny that; we couldn’t possibly, but please hear us out because we believe we are making some solid points here (three to be precise). Read on if you’re in the camp that thinks fancy designs and layouts are only for things like posters and flyers, and that Curriculum Vitae should be 'professional' *cough* boring* cough* documents … We are making it our mission to change your mind.

Before we launch into it, we feel we should preface our points with a few disclaimers and clarifications:

  • When we say 'stunning design and layout', we don't mean loud, clashing, garish colours or crazy fonts. Unless you are after a full-blown infographic CV, you can rest assured your finished document will not look like an arty collage or a funky movie poster. Good design and layout don't need to be about colour at all. You can have a beautiful, sleek monochrome CV that is anything but boring!

  • Some people DO want a brightly coloured or quirky CV, and depending on their line of work, it might be an excellent choice for them. We've made some seriously fun curriculum vitae for artists, stand-up comedians, cartoonists, professional sportspeople, and individuals running their own businesses who were looking for promotional documents in line with their business branding. So as you can see, there is something for everyone!

  • We are incredibly flexible and always check in with our clients to find out what they're comfortable with before we get started. Our whole business ethos is "No templates, no guesswork, just expertly designed CVs as unique as you", so whether you're a circus performer and want a freaking holographic CV or you work in an executive environment and need to keep the flair to a minimum, we have you covered.


It makes you look good. Really good. It's true! If an employer is blown away by the first impression they have of you (newsflash, that all-important first impression starts with your CV) that's got to be a good thing! If they can clearly see that you've made an effort to put your best foot forward, its a rather large indicator that you care about how you will be perceived. A beautifully designed and laid out CV helps give the impression that because you're willing to invest in yourself, you're likely the sort of person who invests a commendable level of care and attention in other areas.


A perfectly curated CV with a sharp design is not only pleasing to your eyeballs but is also highly readable. When white space has been used correctly on a page, it helps to draw the readers eye; highlighting the skills and experience you want to show, in the order it is best received for maximum impact. If you think that's a bold statement, we have proof! Countless layouts have been tested with recruiters and employers who have continually fed back to us the order they like to see a candidates information (Hint: Finding out where you worked four years ago on page 5 is not what they want).


It's time to move with the times. EVERYTHING has changed since its inception, so why should a CV be any different? Okay, fair enough, CVs have changed a LITTLE since the first one was drafted by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci himself way back in 1480-something, but still, you know what we mean; it's time for an upgrade! On that note, while CVs are still the most accepted and used personal sales tool job seekers have, there are many other things out there in today's technological age that you might be interested in checking out. We're talking LinkedIn pages (or other professional networking sites if you're in a niche industry), personal websites (depending on your career, this can be a fantastic choice); we've even seen people create YouTube videos to apply for a job!

So what do you think? Have we convinced you that having a professional CV writing and design company (us!) rehash your old CV is worth doing? We sure hope so! If you'd like to find out more about our services and prices, we have a services rundown and ballpark pricing over on the 'our services' page. If you'd like to take things a step further, we offer free quotes, so you have nothing to lose by sending your CV our way!

It's time to make like Leonardo Da Vinci and be ahead of your time!