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Explained: The Full A-Z of the Creative Fix CV Service

Are you the sort of person that puts things off, avoids them, or doesn’t do/use something if you don’t know how? Hey, we don’t blame you! I’m personally not about to grab a pair of skis and whack them on before launching myself down an icy mountain! I’d need to read about it, watch videos about it, watch other people do it, then get lessons before feeling confident enough to try it out for myself.

We’re not all daredevil MacGyver’s willing to take risks and 'just SEE what happens' *hyperventilate*

A similar hesitation response seems to happen when you come across a product or service you like the look of but aren’t sure how to go about getting things started. It all sounds good, but IS it good? How does it work? Is it super complicated? Will I look stupid? Will I do something that will cost me lots of money when I didn’t mean to engage the full process?! These are probably all natural questions to be asking, and we can’t believe we’ve not thought to do this sooner for you all! You poor people! Hovering over the ‘contact us’ button but afraid of what might happen when you hit send! Well, no more wondering for you! The time has come to find out the full A-Z, the ins and outs, the 411 (what is the 411? Someone, please tell me!) of what enlisting our help entails.

If you don’t know how our service works by the end of this blog, we’re either AWFUL at explaining things, or we just can’t help you, and we are never going to be able to help you, no matter what we do, period. (That is a joke – you can laugh)

Okay, here goes! What the heck happens after you send a message via the ‘contact us’ page on the website?

Your message is delivered to everyone on the team! It pops instantly into each of the Creative Crew’s email boxes and onto their phone screens. If you send your message during working hours (9am-5pm, M-F) it will be answered within a couple of hours (we aim to respond to them instantly, however).

If you have asked for a free quote, we will email you back asking you to send through a copy of your most recent CV. If you have asked a general question about price, design, or another of our services, we will follow up accordingly. For this exercise, let’s say you want a quote to have your CV updated (or a new CV made from scratch).

Once you have sent your most recent CV through to us, we will have it reviewed by a member/members of the team to prepare a quote. If you don’t have a CV at all, we will send you a quick set of questions to answer so you can fill in your basic info and return it to us.

We will generally send the quote and feedback on your CV to you same day/next day depending on the time your email with CV attachment comes through to us.

From here, you can read the feedback and decide if you wish to proceed. (You can also add additional services or decline the quote). Accepting, declining, or sending a message to us, can all be done online straight from the online quote, which is very handy! Our quotes are valid for one full month, so if you need more time to ponder, you are welcome to do so! (Flick us an email to let us know, so we know not to follow you up).

If you decide to proceed with the quote, we will issue an invoice, which you can either pay by Internet banking or by using your credit card (via PayPal direct from the invoice).

When notification of payment is received (either automatically via PayPal, by being manually sent to us as a proof of purchase screenshot, or once the bank transfer clears) we will start preparing a comprehensive list of tailored questions to ask you. By answering these questions, we can fill in any blanks with your information, and gain insight into your skills, experience, and future career goals.

The questions will be sent through as an email, which you can reply to as an email, or copy and paste them into a Word document with your answers. If you get stuck answering the questions, PLEASE let us know! We are happy to have a phone call to help you answer them. Answering some of the questions can be tricky, and we have found it is a part of the process that people often find difficult. We ask that you don’t struggle away on your own or procrastinate for weeks. Just communicate with us! We are here to help you!

Once we get your answers back, we collate all your information and get straight to work. The designers start creating a one-of-a-kind CV design and layout based on your design preferences and suggestions, while the CV writer starts working through writing/reworking each section of your new CV. Sometimes this process brings up additional questions, which we will either email/text you about.

Within 2-5 working days (depending on our workload/backlog) we will have finished your first draft and received it back from proofing and editing. The moment we get it back, we send it through to you for review.

Most of the time, our clients are 100% good to go with the first draft, and everything is fine and dandy, but on the odd occasion, a few bits and pieces will need tweaking. (Things like dates added, wording changed slightly, another skill added) Either way, we are happy to make these small content edits for you.

Please note: Our CVs are sent as a PDF initially, but if you would prefer to have them sent as an editable Word document so you can make any edits yourself, that is 100% okay with us!

Once you are happy with the finished product, we mark the document as finalised and send you the final PDF + the editable MS Word version. You are now all sent to send out your applications for jobs! Just remember to use the PDF version, because Word files can open up and look all whack on someone else’s screen (depending on how old their Microsoft Word version is, or if they don’t have MS Word at all!)

Please note: We use the latest version of MS Word, so if you are running an old version, or only use Pages (Apple’s version of Word) let us know, and we can send your CV as an older more compatible file.

Bonus! We keep your CV on file here, so if you lose it, please ask and we can send it your files through to you.

There you have it! The full, not scary CV service laid out for the world to see. If you have reached the end of this blog and you’re still wondering what the number one way to get the most out of your CV service might be, it is merely to communicate. If you have a question, please ask! If you need a week to think about the quote, cool! Let us know. If you need two weeks to answer the questions, tell us! If we know where you are at with the process, we can schedule work for other clients around this and ensure you keep the correct position in the queue.

It can be frustrating for everyone concerned when there is a lack of communication. It can result in people missing application cut-offs due to not leaving enough time to have work finished. It isn’t fair to other clients who have been extremely responsive when someone who has paid yet hasn’t been in touch for weeks suddenly needs their CV done for a role closing tomorrow.

Be considerate and keep your Creative Crewmember in the loop with where you are at in the process, then everything will run smoothly for everyone involved and you will have the best service experience possible.