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13 Types Of Achievements You Can Include In Your CV

We all know that listing achievements is imperative in a good CV. So why do so many of us struggle to come up with them? Tall poppy syndrome? The Kiwi way? Maybe you think you sound like a big fat Brag-a-saurus Rex? Whatever the reason; enough is enough!

We're here to give you a pep talk and share some practical tips with 13 types of achievements you should mention in your CV. Because a CV without accomplishments is like a banana smoothie without bananas; it makes no sense, it's somewhat pointless, and it leaves a weird taste in your mouth.

Remember, achievements are special accomplishments you attain that can be considered over and above your job description. If you are hired to manage a portfolio of 34 key clients, and you successfully do that; that's not an achievement on its own. (The achievement part might be growing the portfolio, or generating a 32% increase in client spend by creating a new sales process).

All achievements need to be specific and measurable, too. Blanket statements like: "Achieved all tasks to satisfactory standards..." are not going to do you any favours, or sell your expertise in a compelling, credible way.

These 13 types of achievements are designed to help you get your brain cogs ticking over. Our goal is to get you to say: "Yes! I did that!" So you can add some smashing achievements to your CV and create an evidence-based document that shines so bright the employer will need their Ray Bans! Away we go!


If you have been promoted for a role internally, woohoo, that's fab news! Whether you worked hard and put in an application that was selected over ten other people, or you were shoulder tapped and offered a new position, a promotion is an achievement you'll want to include.


Similar to a promotion, but usually for a fixed length of time, some secondments require you to complete your old job as well as a whole lot of new duties. If managed well, that is a massive accomplishment that you're going to want to mention in your CV.


Ever been in a situation at work where you were selected or nominated by either management or your peers to take control of a project, deliver a presentation or speech, or go on a trip where you are representing the company? If so, these things are all good achievements you can note down to include in your CV.


Similar to being selected/nominated, being voted or elected is similar but happens via a more formal process. If you put your hat in the ring for something and were voted or elected by your peers, external stakeholders, or leadership, note this accomplishment down for use in your CV.


Ooooh, these achievements are a GREAT way to highlight your expertise across a vast range of areas. Maybe you started a job as a receptionist and noticed their admin systems were a total shambles, so you used your initiative to conduct a process audit and implement cost-free changes that ensured office processes ran more smoothly and that everything was organised and easy to access. No one asked you to do it, but you knew it would make everyone's lives easier, so you made time to initiate improvements. Voila! That is a great achievement to mention.


If the manager has ever gone away and left you in charge as 'Acting Manager', that's a massive achievement! Something worth mentioning if you want to step up into a leadership position, but you have never formally held a leadership role.


Again, no one asked you to do XYZ job, but you put your hand up to do it anyway; that is something worth mentioning. i.e. You volunteer as a mentor to coach junior staff or volunteer to organise work social sports teams and events. Volunteering is something that is most definitely above your job description and is a great way to demonstrate your commitment, enthusiasm, relationship/interpersonal skills, plus a whole host of other great professional traits.


If a team member is away sick or someone resigns, and you're asked to step up and manage aspects of their role until a replacement is found, this can often constitute higher duties (or at the very least additional responsibilities). Similar to a secondment but not necessarily formally recognised as anything, rather than let this situation pass you by, record it as your ability to step up, take on a challenge, remain poised under pressure, and manage higher duties as well as your workload.


Maybe an obvious achievement, but it's one many people seem to leave out of their CVs. Have you won anything at work? Maybe it was an end of year Xmas award given to the 'most helpful' team member or a prize you won for achieving the highest amount over your sales target. If you've won anything in a work capacity, include it in your CV.


Consistently achieve your yearly bonus? Make a note of this! Not everyone does, so if you have worked hard to meet all your KPIs and achieve an annual bonus for four years in a row, it pays to mention it.


Working to meet targets is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you happen to thrive having a number to beat, and have made the company look good by achieving well above your monthly/yearly targets, definitely include this in your CV.


Have you directly contributed to financial success or growth of the company? If so, include some mindblowing facts and figures to sell this fact in your CV.


Completed job-relevant study alongside your daily duties? Successfully juggling both study and all your job responsibilities can be a great achievement to mention as it highlights excellent time management skills, your commitment to professional development, and the ability to see things through to completion.

Can you think of some achievement ideas we have missed? Here's hoping this list gave you some ideas and has you thinking about how to quantify the special, extra things you do in your current role; the things that would be considered noteworthy, impressive achievements by an employer reading your CV.

If you have read through the list and still feel stuck with where to start, or you need some assistance with putting your achievements into words, please feel free to get in touch. We're only too happy to help!