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5 Personal Branding Tools You Might Want To Consider In Addition To Your CV

Everyone knows what a CV is. We all need them at some point in our lives, and although they differ from

country to country, the premise is the same: A record of your skills, education and work experience. Yep, there is really nothing sexy about them (unless of course you get a stunning Creative Fix CV *wink*)

So everyone needs a CV, yes, but did you know there are a number of other personal branding tools, which might give you that extra edge you’ve been looking to find.



This first one is pretty self-explanatory. Gaining popularity in the USA, a personal website is simply a website or landing page that acts as a personal sales tool online. It can be static or interactive, contain photos of your work, or even videos of you in action. Some people use this as an extension of their resume (resume = a shorter, less in-depth CV), by including a link to the website on their document.

Personal Website FAQs

Why would you use a personal website?

When a piece of paper just won’t cut it! Personal websites are a great visual tool, so tend to be used by people who are in positions where visual impact is important.

Who uses personal websites?

Some examples of people who might use personal websites include -

  • Anyone working in a creative industry. Think designers, artists, actors, craftspeople, animators, photographers, book illustrators etc. A personal website is the perfect place to illustrate what they can do, and allows creativity in a much more dynamic format than a piece of paper can offer.

  • Sportspeople seeking sponsorships and brand endorsements – i.e. a semi-professional BMX rider seeking sponsorship and gear so he/she can attend more international competitions and lift their profile, might use a personal website to show off their skills with pictures and videos, list awards and upcoming competitions etc.

  • People who are experts in their field and may be working as a consultant/contractors i.e. A consultant Learning and Development Advisor might want to showcase their success with different organisations, show themselves in action with a video of a speech they gave or a group they facilitated etc.

  • Professionals such as florists, joiners, builders, hairdressers, beauty therapists – anyone who could have a better shot at being hired by demonstrating their expertise in the form of pictures and videos of their work.

Personal websites are often used as a one-two punch combo as a CV and portfolio in one but can be used by almost anyone who wants to go the extra mile when presenting his or herself.

Can you use a personal website instead of a CV?

Maybe one day this will be a thing, but here in New Zealand at present, a CV is still your first port of call when applying for a job.

How much do they cost?

(Short answer, anywhere from $0 - $1000 + any ongoing annual web hosting costs) If you are savvy with a website builder such as WiX or Square Space, and can build the site yourself, you can nab a landing page for a reasonably low yearly price. You can even choose a free option on many sites (although maybe not the best look to have advertising all over your professional info).

Getting someone else to build it for you can be tricky, because its not like a regular website! It’s an online CV/portfolio with more bells and whistles, which is why we offer this service to our interested clients. We are able to put a basic landing page together for the same price as a regular CV. (See the services page on our website services page for a rough guide to pricing). If you are after something truly spectacular, we will work with you to establish your exact wants and needs, then provide a quote.

How do employers find my personal website?

You give them the link to check it out! Add the link to your resume/CV, covering letter, and LinkedIn page, or email them the link separately.

So, there you have it! If you want to see us put the ‘creative’ in CreatiVe fix (big C, big V – get it? *another wink*) in action, get us to build you a snazzy personal website!



Whether you are in a job, or have a job; if you’re a working person on planet earth you need a LinkedIn page! A LinkedIn page is an online CV with a focus on professional networking, peer skill endorsements, and personal recommendations. A great platform to build your professional credibility! It is a fantastic platform to use to meet likeminded business professionals for work collaborations, knowledge sharing, and finding new talent. (Shoulder tapping is rife on LinkedIn, so get amongst it!)

We help our clients get their LinkedIn pages sorted. This means writing an intro paragraph, getting a great profile pic uploaded, creating background artwork that matches their new CV, listing their real expertise, organising their work history and education, listing special interests and community involvement - even providing ‘to-do’ lists to help them continue to grow their networks and get exposed to more opportunities.

LinkedIn Page FAQs

How much do they cost?

Free to set up yourself, unless you want the paid membership, which allows you to connect to a broader network of people and send private messages (known as IN mail) to them (this option is excellent for recruiters who are searching for talent high and low!)

When we rework a clients LinkedIn page, we calculate the price at an hourly rate. Most LinkedIn revamps take between 2-4 hours so can even be done same-day when time permits. To get a free quote to have your LinkedIn page revised, get in touch via our ‘contact us’ page, and we will get your profile to ‘All-Star’ status in no time!

How do employers find me on LinkedIn?

They might find you organically through a keyword search or region search, and of course, they can click through to your page from the link you put in your CV and cover letter (maybe even your personal website if you have one!)



These things are great! They look, smell, and taste like business cards, but they’re not business cards, they’re networking cards. Little bits of brilliance that you keep in your wallet and at a gathering of networking event when you get chatting to someone who might be able to offer you a job, BAM! You whip one out and wow the metaphorical pants off them.

Networking Card FAQs

Who needs a networking card?

Anyone who attends networking events, temp staff, consultants, independent contractors, students, and those working on short-term projects where they are always on the lookout to secure the next role. They are so handy; anyone can have a networking card.

How much do they cost?

The same price as your average business card, unless of course, we have already designed an excellent CV for you, in which case you can have a networking card designed to match your CV for as little as $59.90

What information should be included on them?

Your name, contact details, and a brief snapshot of your professional expertise. (This is usually in the form of 5-7 bullet points that describe your main skills).

Having a matching set of personal branding docs looks so polished and professional! If you want to jazz things up and have an employer say “Wow! This guy!” then get it touch to ask for your free triple-threat quote! (CV, Covering Letter, + Networking Card)



Similar to the personal website, but not to be confused. A digital portfolio is something you might want to invest in if you are an ‘arty farty’ creative person. In many industries, it is a must! Models, actors, artists, designers need a place to direct employers where they can show off their talents visually. The main difference between the personal website and the portfolio is that the content of the portfolio is solely comprised of catalogued photographs, videos, or artwork etc. There wouldn’t typically be a whole bunch of additional information about education, specifics about previous employment etc. as this would be listed in the CV.

Digital Portfolio FAQs

How do employers find my portfolio?

Same as the personal website, you will need to give them the link to check out. Add the link to your resume/CV, covering letter, and LinkedIn page, or email them the link to your portfolio separately.

How much does a portfolio cost?

Very similar to the personal website depending on how many images and other media you need edited and uploaded. The portfolio can be a costly undertaking, but once you have the bones created, keeping it updated it relatively straightforward.



Not for the faint-hearted, a video resume is a bold personal marketing tool that will really get you noticed! These are generally 2-3 minutes long, and involve a person talking to the camera about their specific skills and experience. You can be as creative as you like, but the majority of these are done in a semi-informal manner, and are used to help give an employer an idea of you as a person.

Video Resume FAQs

How much do they cost?

If you have a decent camera or smartphone, and a tripod or steady hand, you can make one of these for free. If you want to get really fancy with it, the sky is probably the limit!

Who would use a video resume?

The first thing that springs to mind is anyone who wants to be on the bachelor/bachelorette… but is seriousness, it is a tool that is useful for people who will be in highly people-oriented roles, salespeople, coaches, trainers, public speakers, leaders, even marketing personnel. If you want people to see you’re brave, energetic, confident, and articulate, this can be a great tool!

How would an employer see my video resume?

Again, you can add a link to it in your documents. The link could lead to the video on your personal website, or to a private YouTube clip that only the intended recipient can see.

As you can see, these creative ideas might be a great addition to your CV, and many of them we can help you with. We hope this has inspired you to try something new, and given you food for thought when it comes to finding new ways to stand out to employers.