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Why You Should ALWAYS Have A Professional Review Your CV

Working in recruitment, I saw thousands and thousands of CVs and cover letters. There were the odd few that stood out for the right reasons, but the majority… well, let’s just say they were bad.

Thinking back, as well as being black and white and boring, the other immediate issues that spring to mind were the fact they were riddled with basic formatting mistakes. Too long or too short, unprofessional font choices (we’re looking at you Comic Sans, Curlz, Jokerman, and Papyrus!), font size too large or too small – you get the idea.

When you work as a recruiter, you have targets to meet. (The job is effectively a sales role after all; screening and selling candidates to employers). We had to achieve a certain amount of revenue per month, quarter, and per year just to keep our jobs. If you hang around a recruitment office long enough, you will hear managers saying to their team: ‘It’s a numbers game!’ Meaning, the more cold calls you make, and the more clients and candidates you meet, the better your results will be. No rest for the wicked in that job!

In addition to monetary targets, we also had throughput targets for the number of new candidates we were to meet each week. I had to wade through all those countless CVs to find ten new, top quality candidates each week. Sounds simple, right?

Wrong! If I’m being brutally honest, I used to ‘pity-pick’ candidates because I needed to make up numbers. I dreaded meeting with them and would drag my feet into the interview room and force a smile.

But guess what I discovered? These people were awesome! I met some absolute legendary candidates face-to-face. It was just their CVs that were awful, not them! So I made it my mission to do something about this awful phenomenon. Now, keep in mind that as a recruiter you work for the client – not the candidate, (crazy I know) so what I was doing was going above and beyond my job description, but it just had to be done.

I would spend an hour with them, working on their bad CVs to turn them into highly marketable candidates. My team members often remarked that I never had a shortage of good talent, and I always surpassed my sales targets. It turned out to be a win for the client, the candidate, and myself.

The best advice I could give is simply to get your CV looked at by a professional. The cost to have it sorted is well worth it and I can tell you first hand that a professionally put together CV WILL get you noticed by recruiters. It might end up being one of the best investments you make - both for yourself and for your career.