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How To Look For A New Job With Your Eyes Shut (Not Clickbait)

No that title is not click-bait, I promise. While sending out applications the old fashioned way using a CV and cover letter is still the (very effective) norm here in New Zealand, there are other ways to secure employment – even while you sleep. We understand that job-hunting can be an absolute drag, so read on to find out how you can increase your chances of securing the role you want, without exerting much effort at all!


Yes - Having a functional, professional LinkedIn profile is absolutely one of them. When your profile is put together correctly, the results can be almost instant. The goal is to use the right key words to ensure you get found in more searches. Human resources personnel and recruiters are scouring the site daily looking for candidates with particular sets of skills.

The best way to get found on LinkedIn is to have a complete profile. The site practically forces you through the set-up steps, so it is a pretty straightforward process, and well worth doing for the chance of being ‘poached’ by a recruiter on a mission!

Next, you want to get networking! Add connections (especially with recruiters, HR, and the places you would like to work) and join LinkedIn groups that are in line with your career goals.

Another quick way to boost your visibility is to ensure you have a clear title, which accurately explains what you do, under your name at the top of your profile. For example, rather than putting something broad like ‘Manager’, be more specific with a title such as ‘Systems Engineer Team Lead’.


Along the same lines as LinkedIn, you can upload your CV to job seeking websites like SEEK and Trademe Jobs. This is a very direct way of telling employers ‘I’m available!’ You can actively apply for jobs whilst employers look for you at the same time. (Or they can look for you while you hit the gym, or watch Netflix).

Top tip: Remember to keep your online profiles updated. From an employers perspective, there is nothing worse than contacting your potential dream employee, only to find out that they have retired, or moved to another country. Likewise, I imagine it wouldn’t be the best to keep getting phone calls and emails about roles if you are already happy in a job.


You need to find one (or three) awesome recruiters and make them your friend. Recruiters want good candidates to fill roles, so if you manage to build a good rapport with a particular consultant – hang on to them! They will look after you; contacting you about future opportunities if you do what you say you will, and if you perform in the roles they place you in.

Top tip: If you contact a recruiter about a role and they don’t get back to you within 48 hours, move on. They never wait until a job ad is finished running before reviewing applications, and will likely have someone else in mind. If a recruiter wants you, they will do almost anything, short of knocking down the door to your house.

For more advice, or to chat about getting your LinkedIn / online profile up and running, get in contact with us and we will have you job seeking in your sleep before you know it.