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Our services include CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, online portfolios, and assistance with interview prep. As we are a boutique service, we are also able to create additional personal branding items such as networking/business cards + more! Talk to us about your career goals as we are happy to suggest a service (or services) that will be right for you. 


Scroll down to take a look our service price guidelines. (Please note, our service pricing outline is not able to be viewed on mobile devices).


You are welcome to mix and match services to design a custom plan that best aligns with your career goals.





Yes! We keep a number of 'Joe Bloggs' CV samples on file, so clients can get a feel for the style of work we produce. You are welcome to request to see these when you contact us. Please be aware that these samples are not templates and your CV will be 100% unique. 

CV and Cover Letter Design + Writing 


We offer a tailored, comprehensive range of CV and cover letter writing services to suit your requirements. Whether you need a complete document overhaul or are looking to have your first CV and cover letter made from scratch, we can help.


(Pricing guides are unavailable to be viewed on mobile devices)



Pricing Guide for CVs + Cover Letters


Our CV prices are capped at $359.90NZD*. The following is a pricing guide to help you work out what your CV and /or cover letter service may cost.


CV Overhaul (Non-technical**, 3 pages or less)                        $189.90   -   $359.90  NZD*

CV Overhaul (Technical**, 3+ pages)                                          $239.90   -   $359.90  NZD*

CV From Scratch                                                                           $289.90   -   $359.90  NZD*

CV (Updating existing Creative Fix CV)                                        $59.90   -   $89.90    NZD*

Cover Letter (Editing existing Creative Fix cover letter)              $59.90   -  $79.90    NZD*

Cover Letter (Editing existing client cover letter)                         $59.90   -  $149.90  NZD*

Cover Letter (General - From scratch)                                           $129.90 -  $129.90  NZD*

Cover Letter (Tailored to job ad/ job description)                        $149.90 -  $149.90  NZD*

Cover Letter (Design only with placeholder text)                         $59.90   -  $59.90    NZD*

Cover Letter Writing Guide (To DIY)                                              $19.90   -  $19.90    NZD*


Express Service 24 - 48 hours (Subject to availability) will incur an additional cost of extra $59.90 NZD* per service.




*Paying via depositing money in branch at a bank may incur additional handling fees. Please notify us of which way you intend to pay, before making payment.     


**Non-technical CVs are assessed on a case-by-case basis and can include general, non-contractor CVs in areas such as Teaching, Retail, Administration, Office Management, Arts, Sports and Fitness, Environment, Trades +


**Technical CVs are assessed on a case-by-case basis and can include jargon-heavy, industry-specific or contractor CVs covering areas such as IT, Engineering, Project Management, Business Analysis, Governance, Mechanical, Aviation, Medical, Science +

LinkedIn Profile Creation + A ssistance


Essentially an online CV, the professional networking site known as LinkedIn has evolved into a must-have and valuable online career tool for working professionals. In addition to LinkedIn fast becoming an extension to a good personal brand, it is also a place that recruiters and employers go to search for talent. So it pays to have your online profile looking as great as your CV.


Used correctly, a well put together LinkedIn profile can generate all sorts of career opportunities. Clients often remark they now get job offers while they are already in a role! We think that is a good problem to have. 


Let us review your LinkedIn profile and make suggestions about what could be done to get it working more effectively for you. Whether you need help getting it set up correctly, you could benefit from some enhancements, or you simply don't have time to work on your profile, we can help.  


Look polished and professional, get found in more searches, and start attracting employers that are looking for candidates that match your skills.  


(Priced in accordance with your requirements)

Interview Prep + Guidance


Have an interview coming up? Great! Now you need to make sure you are prepared for it. We can give advice on how to ace your interview and even create a tailored behavioural interview document (based on your CV and the job description) to help you prepare answers to the most likely questions you will be asked.


Get in touch to tell us your specific needs and we can come up with something that will work for you. 


(Priced in accordance with your requirements)

Online CVs / Portfolios and Personal Webpages + Business Cards



A format growing in popularity and used frequently in the UK, Europe, and the United States, is web-based CVs/ Personal Webpages. No longer something used just by models and creatives (artists, actors, musicians), the online CV is starting to be used as a more mainstream form of personal branding. It is often accompanied by personal business cards, which can be handed out whilst networking.


We use WIX alongside Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create custom online CVs and personal webpages that match your paper based CV and/or other personal branding documents. 


Talk to us if you would like to expand your personal brand with alternate forms of promotion.


(Priced in accordance with your requirements)

Free Service Extras

In addition to providing a FREE appraisal of your current CV, once you have engaged and paid for our CV service you also get:


A nifty document filled with tips on how to ace your interview. This guide contains all we know about everything 'interview' and gives away inside knowledge about all the little things we know interviewers are looking out for. You will also get a second document that is designed to help you answer tricky behavioural-style interview questions. (These are the gnarly ones, which start off with things like: "Tell me about a time you...")


If you go with our CV + covering letter service, you get an extra free document. Our helpful step-by-step guide (complete with examples) that shows you how to tailor your cover letter for different jobs. (This guide can be purchased separately if you would like to use it to put a cover letter together on your own.)