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We help people sell their skills and experience by creating beautiful, professional CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles designed to increase their chances of securing a job or promotion.

Will you be our next success story?


We offer free quotes and feedback on your existing CV to help you work out what needs to be done. Simply get in touch and we will review your documents and get right back to you



The Creative Fix Difference - Why Choose Us?

We believe everyone should capitalise on their uniqueness because it is what sets you apart from other candidates in the competitive job market. A good CV comprises excellent design and content that accurately showcases your skills and experience.

You Only Have a Few Seconds to Make a First Impression!


Your CV or LinkedIn page will be the first impression an employer gets of you, so you need to make it count! We have made it our business to support people on their quest to win a job or promotion by creating sleek, professional CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Helping our clients put their best foot forward by showcasing their unique skills and experience, we ensure they stand out to employers for all the right reasons.

How Do We Do That?


Unlike other CV help businesses, we don’t use CV templates. Our designers create one-off original CV designs for each client before handing things over to our writers so they can fill the carefully laid out white space with powerful, succinct content that gets results.

Rather than offering pre-designed packages with flat pricing structures, such as ‘Student packages’ or ‘Executive Packages’, we review each CV (for free) and price it on a case-by-case basis. We take time to read, understand and honestly evaluate your CV before producing a quote and giving feedback about what we can do to get your CV working harder for you.


Through our work, we aim to ensure our clients feel more confident and better prepared to sell themselves to prospective employers. 

We are proud of our incredible client success stories and invite you to read our testimonials. See the tremendous difference a well-crafted CV can make! Let us help you make the short-list, ace the interview, and secure your next job!



Consulting with clients about their next career move, we invite them to give input around their design preferences to ensure what we create is in line with their personal style and professional goals. Working in this more personalised way means our clients end up with a one-of-a-kind, beautifully finished, and fully editable document that accurately captures their unique skills and experience.


We put no Creative Fix branding or watermarks on our CVs or cover letters, and because we don’t use templates, you will never have to worry about applying for a job and having your CV look the same as another applicant. 



We offer a tailored, comprehensive range of CV and cover letter writing services to suit your requirements. Whether you need a complete document overhaul or are looking to have your first CV and cover letter made from scratch, we can help.


Our other services include LinkedIn profile updates and assistance with interview prep. (These services are priced by the hour and assessed on a case by case basis).


Talk to us about your career goals, as we are happy to suggest a service (or services) that will be right for you. Please scroll down to look at our CV and cover letter price guidelines. (Please note that our service pricing outline cannot be viewed on mobile devices).


Pricing Guide for CVs + Cover Letters


Our CV prices are capped at $459.90NZD*. The following is a pricing guide to help you work out what your CV and /or cover letter service may cost.


CV Overhaul (Non-technical**, 3 pages )              $289.90   -   $459.90  NZD*

CV Overhaul (Technical**, 3 pages)                       $339.90   -   $459.90  NZD*

CV From Scratch                                                      $389.90   -   $459.90  NZD*

CV (Updating existing Creative Fix CV)                   $69.90   -   $99.90    NZD*

Cover Letter (Editing a Creative Fix CL)                   $69.90   -  $99.90    NZD*

Cover Letter (Editing existing client CL)                   $69.90   -  $189.90  NZD*

Cover Letter (General - From scratch)                                        $149.90  NZD*

Cover Letter (Tailored to job ad/description)                            $189.90  NZD*

Cover Letter (Design with placeholder text)                                $69.90  NZD*

Cover Letter Writing Guide (To DIY)                                             $19.90   NZD*


Express Service 24 - 48 hours (Subject to availability) will incur an additional cost of an extra $69.90 NZD* per service.




*Paying via depositing money in-branch at a bank will incur additional handling fees. Before making payment, please notify us of which way you intend to pay.     


**Non-technical CVs are assessed on a case-by-case basis and can include general, non-contractor CVs in areas such as Teaching, Retail, Administration, Office Management, Arts, Sports and Fitness, Environment, Trades +


**Technical CVs are assessed on a case-by-case basis and can include jargon-heavy, industry-specific or contractor CVs covering areas such as IT, Engineering, Project Management, Business Analysis, Governance, Mechanical, Aviation, Medical, Science +


Free Service Extras

In addition to providing a FREE appraisal of your current CV, once you have engaged and paid for our CV service you also get:


A nifty document filled with tips on how to ace your interview. This guide contains all we know about everything 'interview' and gives away inside knowledge about all the little things we know interviewers are looking out for. You will also get a second document that is designed to help you answer tricky behavioural-style interview questions. (These are the gnarly ones, which start off with things like: "Tell me about a time you...")


If you go with our CV + covering letter service, you get an extra free document. Our helpful step-by-step guide (complete with examples) shows you how to tailor your cover letter for different jobs. (This guide can be purchased separately if you would like to use it to put a cover letter together on your own.)


Yes! We keep a number of 'Joe Bloggs' CV samples on file, so clients can get a feel for the style of work we produce. You are welcome to request to see these when you contact us. Please be aware that these samples are not templates and your CV will be 100% unique. 


It's Nice To Be Appreciated




Our clients love the work we do, and the results our CV services help them achieve. Plus, we get serious job satisfaction from hearing how well they get on with their applications.


We are constantly hearing ourselves telling people: 'You wouldn't believe how important a piece of paper can be', as some of the feedback we get is mind-blowing. (We've even had a client come back to tell us that, not only did they get the job, but a 50k pay rise as well!) See below, a slideshow with snippets of some 'warm fuzzies' our satisfied clients have given us. 


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our ‘Happy Client Profiles’. These are more in-depth testimonials from clients who used our services to secure awesome jobs and promotions.




“Out of 33 applicants, I got the job! Thank you so much for all you have done for me this year. You can be assured, that I will recommend your services to everyone I know who needs a CV specialist!” 


—  K.H (Office Manager)


What are you waiting for?



For your free quote, or to inquire about getting your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile reworked, please fill in the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch with you. 


PLEASE NOTE: Always double-check the return email address you have entered so we can ensure a reply gets back to you. If you have sent a message, but have not had a reply with 24 - 48 hours on a weekday (NZST), please check your spam folder



Creative Fix New Zealand

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